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Top Paying Keywords (by category) 1.00 Review

When you are trying to determine the best keywords there are times when you are going to need help to really get the most money for each click and that is where carefully selected and screened keywords come in handy. Why struggle to use a list that is old and outdated when we help you make the most money possible using the freshest list of high paying Google AdSense words available. Choosing the right
high paying keywords is a great way to increase the flow of traffic to your website, but increase the money your website is earning as well. We create the best results for you by breaking down the top keywords by price, traffic, and category to help you quickly and easily find exactly what you need. While an updated database is always great, we take it a step further by making it even easier to use. We have broken the list down by categories, such as highest keywords for insurance, computers, internet, and even business just to name a few sections. If you have a specific price range, you are looking to target we can help here as well. We have broken this list down by amount as well so you can search for the keywords you are looking for in the $1-$2, $2-$3, $3-$5, $5-$10, $10-$25 and even the ultimate $25-$100 keywords that are the ultimate catch. We spend a lot of time working on continuously updating our database of the highest paying Google AdSense words so that you are able to save the time doing research and instead focus on targeting those keywords to create the most impact possible. From a webmaster?s point of view, why would you spend the hours it takes researching the keywords when we have done all of the hard work for you. Choosing the best keywords to write on can be as simple as searching the database, rather than being forced to do hours of research that may be incorrect at the end of the day.


Top Paying Keywords (by category)

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Send-Safe Proxy Scanner 1)   Send-Safe Proxy Scanner 1.7.6
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Bypass Proxy 2)   Bypass Proxy 1.08
The greatest 'bypass proxy tool' ever!

Outlook MSG File Viewer and Attachment E 3)   Outlook MSG File Viewer and Attachment E 1.2
MSGViewer quickly opens Outlook .msg email files and extracts file attachments.

 4)   Bluetooth File Sender 1.2
Bluetooth File Sender - application for sending files into mobile devices.

MOBILedit! 5)   MOBILedit! 2.0
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Discover invisible Yahoo! Messenger users and keep track of their online time.

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RSS Publisher 1)   RSS Publisher 1.1
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Network Management Map 2)   Network Management Map 2007
All network management achitecture, technologies & protocols, All on one chart!

Mobile Marketing Pro 3)   Mobile Marketing Pro
SMS Mobile Marketing Pro with SMS Background Music Plugin

SayaTV Broadcaster 4)   SayaTV Broadcaster
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Remote Booting 5)   Remote Booting 1.3
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2X ThinClientServer PXES 6)   2X ThinClientServer PXES 4.1
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 7)   Packpal Flash Downloader 6.50
capture,download all formats of Flash including Flash game, Flash movie etc.